2018 Anime Recommendation

Konnichiwa! With hundreds of new animes coming out each year. It’s hard to make out the best ones in your list. 2018 has indeed been a great year for all the anime fans around the world. From some sick new anime series to new seasons of some old mainstream animes came out, making this year fire. What more? Even Netflix has started investing in anime. This year every season’s from summer to winter and fall to spring all had their own set pieces from every genre possible. Here’s is the list of anime recommendations that would help you get lost in the ever ending world of anime…….

Summer 2018

Attack On Titan Season 3

  • Japanese : Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Studio : Wit Studio, Production I.G
  • Music By : Hiroyuki Sawano
  • Directed By : Tetsurō Araki
  • Written By : Yasuko Kobayashi
  • Episodes : 13

This is the third season of the anime “ Attack On Titan” and it’s already shaping out to be something a lot different than what we’ve expected. Unlike in the earlier seasons, here Attack On Titan reinvents itself and eyes the political aspect and world building more than focusing on character development. This season feels electric and fearless in a whole new kind of way, and we’re left with no true idea on who will be still left standing at the end.  

All-in-all in it’s a great balance of action and drama.

Grand Blue

  • Japanese : Guranburu
  • Studio : Zero-G
  • Music By :
  • Directed By : Shinji Takamatsu
  • Written By : Shinji Takamatsu
  • Episodes : 12

Arguably, Grand Blue is the single most anime series which you’d consider next to Gintama, when it comes to humour. Based on the manga written by Kenji Inoue, this anime stands out more as a modern slice of life that adheres to an adult cultural society and is not meant for the young audiences. Grand Blue doesn’t have a plot but rather it has settings. It’s about a guy named Lori Kithara who tends to come to He Lzu Peninsula as a college student and that’s how the adventure begins. This anime has a lot of stereotypical humor with plenty of jokes in between. If you are not ready for that, then you should better stay away from this one!

Overall it’s a pretty good and satisfying anime and definitely one of the best gag anime ever made.  

Overlord 3

  • Japanese :
  • Studio : Madhouse
  • Music By :
  • Directed By :
  • Written By : Kugane Maruyama
  • Episodes : 13

Well, that’s exactly what happens in Overlord, however, the advantage with me is that I haven’t seen shows like Sword Art Online, so while the plot was known to me the inherent flaws and stereotypes were not. The show quickly sets itself apart from its contemporaries by giving us a protagonist who plays the role of an antagonist and loves it.

After a brief period of confusion, the ease with which Ainz/Momon takes charge of his servants and powers is refreshing to see. Every move he makes defines his character as a person who is a veteran of MMORPG games. And while he uses his tactics as he would in a game, he knows the consequences of his actions and accepts them without hesitation.

The Art and Music of the show compliment each other brilliantly, and the characters are a good mix of perverse, lovable and obedient. If you’ve ever had a dream of ruling your own world, then this show will make an excellent guide.

Spring 2018

My Hero Academia 3rd Season

  • Japanese : Boku No Hero Academia
  • Studio : Bones
  • Music By : Yuki Hayashi
  • Directed By : Kenji Nagasaki
  • Written By : Kōhei Horikoshi
  • Episodes : 25

My Hero Academia Season 3 was made fairly more dramatic than its predecessor. The story here evolves from Deku our MC busting his hands to realising he has a leg too! Jokes aside, S3 was well polished and is full of sheer perfection. Just like every shonen anime, MHA too has the same lessons and is served out well to the audience.

From the introduction of characters in S1 to producing out a plot in S2 and now in S3 Bones/ MHA is further refining its amazing story. Also its voice acting is in its best ever from, breaking every language barrier. Its able to communicate the emotions. Character development and fanbase is what MHA tends to score over every other anime out there and so in this season too, you won’t be disappointed.

It has to ability to replace classic shonen animes such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Naruto.

Steins;Gate 0

  • Japanese : Shutainzu Gēto Zero
  • Studio : White Fox
  • Music By : Takeshi Abo, Nobuaki Nobusawa, Moe Hyūga
  • Directed By : Kenichi Kawamura
  • Written By : Jukki Hanada
  • Episodes : 23 + 1 OVA

Originally a visual novel by 5p and Nitroplus, Steins; Gate 0 is about a self proclaimed mad scientist known as Hououin Kyouma. Steins; Gate 0 is the “ what if “ version of Steins; Gate ( its predecessor ). Although, its an alternate story, it is still favoured and has been well furnished to make it if not as good as its old version, it’s still been rated as one of the top animes out there. The alternate story is where, our protagonist goes into a depression because his past. For he played the game of time and furthermore faces the consequences of his past in the near future.

Steins; Gate 0 can make anyone laugh their ass off, cry and can cultivate pretty much every part of human emotion possible. I recommend this anime to anyone, who’d like to face all emotions altogether.


  • Japanese : Hinamatsuri
  • Studio : Feel
  • Music By : Yasuhiro Misawa
  • Directed By : Kei Oikawa
  • Written By : Keiichirō Ōchi
  • Episodes : 12

Hinamatsuri is one of those animes that one that combines a strange concept with relatable feelings and experiences. This show is a pure piece of entertainment and enjoyment. The comedic reactions is what one would fall in love with in the anime. Both the MCs Hina and Nitta come from different society yet there bond is weird yet amazing. Each of those episode consists of everyday activities within a weird twist that is psychic power. Full of comedy and sometime emotional too.

This is one of those animes which would make you ask for more in every other episode.

Fall 2018

Goblin Slayer

  • Japanese : Goburin Sureiyā
  • Studio : White Fox
  • Music By : Kenichirō Suehiro
  • Directed By : Takaharu Ozaki
  • Written By : Hideyuki Kurata,Yōsuke Kuroda
  • Episodes : 12

Goblin Slayer is an anime which stands alone among other similar fantasy light novels released in english. Its set is purley set in medieval times with swords and other such weapons. It doesn’t have a “ Deep Plot “ but is purely based on action and what you’d expect from a fantasy anime. As the name says it’s about a guy name Goblin slayer who only haunts for goblins in a world full of different other creatures.

The characters are awesome and is diverse. The only exception would be our MC, Goblin Slayer. Some seems him as a weeb while some people sees him as an absolute badass. But he surprisingly has a vast sense of knowledge and is a great tactation.

Goblin Slayer is what, Re: Zero was in 2017.

Sword Art Online: Alicization

  • Japanese : Sōdo Āto Onrain
  • Studio : A-1 Pictures
  • Music By : Yuki Kajiura
  • Directed By : Tomohiko Itō
  • Written By : Reki Kawahara
  • Episodes :25?

This is by far the best season of sword art online till date. Even better than its first season who is regarded as “ one of the top animes in the world right now  “. This time none of the characters seem to edge out and it even got some more new MCs. And they are not as bland as the sword art franchise normally would bring. This series seems like a pure dosage of action – packed anime you’d look out for. The art style is AMAZING! And the voice acting is beyond good.

Fairy Tail: Final Series

  • Japanese : FAIRY TAIL
  • Studio : A-1 Pictures, Bridge, CloverWorks
  • Music By :
  • Directed By :
  • Written By :
  • Episodes : NA

If you are looking for a grand tale of epic fiction with so many details, I’d say One Piece would be worth your time more so, but by no means is Fairy Tail bad. In fact both are tied for my favorite Shounen anime at this point. It’s worth it for that lighthearted, sometimes taking a dark turn, story with characters you soon won’t be forgetting, a good few laughs, and an above average story that can be predictable, also throw a twist. But the starting premise sure is interesting if you are only an anime-viewer-only peep, as it starts in a quest where you gather all fairy tail members after a year that they have disbanded. So that they could rebuild the whole family again. The artstyle is still great, and the music is good- I personally like the fact that they chose to go back to the first main theme instead of the 2014 version.

Winter 2018

Violet Evergarden

  • Japanese :
  • Studio :
  • Music By :
  • Directed By :
  • Written By :
  • Episodes :

At a mere 13 episodes, this series follows Violet, an ex-military so called “weapon,”, After a great war our protagonist starts a new life as an auto memory doll . She along with other people works in a postal service and travels all around the world to put peoples feelings into letters. While some customers maybe in the blink of death or some in a tragic relationship. It is our protagonist ” Violet ” who puts forth everyone feelings into letters and shows us the power of love through words.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this story. A gentle perfection is what defines Violet Evergarden anime. It can bring out every other human emotion possible. And the anime keeps us in the edge of our seats with its aesthetically beautiful story.

The voice acting in English is satisfactory but if you want to go through the real joy of watching this anime, then I recommend you the Japanese version. It’s voice acting is brilliant. Which can break every language barrier and still pass on the emotions.

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