Goblin Slayer : Smash Or Pass?

GS : ” Find someone else. I hunt goblins or nothing.” (。・*_*・。)

“We have, in fact, come to ask you to kill goblins.” (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

GS : ” I see. In that case, I accept.” (。・*_*・。)

Konichiwa’ everyone! As the above quotes suggest, Goblin Slayer is ALL about slaying goblins or nothing. If you want a flat although quite intriguing, dark plot then read along and if not turn yourself down cause things are going to get real dark ahead. I’d say, if you ever want a Batman type character in Anime, then Goblin Slayer is all you’re going to get offered. Just know you’re in for a helluva ride as this anime is considered as the most controversial anime of 2018!


Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy anime based on the light novel and manga of the same name. It’s about the “ adventures “ of the Goblin Slayer. Heavily influenced by the D&D game setting.

The story starts with a young lady, Priestess seeking a position in a guild in the hopes of becoming an adventurer. She gets befriended by three young new adventurers just like herself. Together they take a quest to slay some goblins as Goblins were considered as low-level demons.

They were highly skilled, but they underestimated the goblins. And paid for it dearly!! They ended up in pretty dire situation inside a cave ambushed by a group of goblins. Here, two of our beloved adventurers die miserably in the hands of the goblins.

Much to the shock of viewers, it’s revealed that the goblins not just kill – but sexually harass women. Just like a piece of meat and that was the fate of the third adventurer. The priestess was left traumatized and scared. She was all about to meet the same fate but just then our MC Goblin Slayer arrived and saved the day.

It was then that we realize, how different Goblin Slayer really is!! As I stated above Goblin Slayer is much like Batman – dark, cold and cruel ( But dude ain’t rich ). As the story evolves, we learn about the obsession of Goblin Slayer on killing Goblins. He is shown to be very blunt as in his character. Not the typically friendly neighborhood anime hero. He is just a blank book with few to none emotions hinted at. There is nothing “ fun adventures “ in this anime but just death, destruction and pain.

The MC doesn’t doesn’t give two shits about the fanservice he gets from his companions and doesn’t have a good side to humor. He is all about slaying goblins in the most brutal way possible, in fact, he even goes on to kill newborn goblins and children for he thinks that “ the only good goblins are the ones who never come out of their stinking holes ”. Which is sadly just against the goblins.

Most of the “ important “ details of the story is been happening in the background while the story we are getting to watch is truly inferior to the one in the background. This story is all about Goblin Slayer and his companions doing one thing, killing goblins and watching them develop as they do it. It’s not your everyday anime where “ kill the bad guy and save the world “ kind of things you can expect. This anime comes with a special  case as this is about not so special people doing not so special stuff. That too by making a difference.

If I sum of the whole plot in the anime then it’s all about: KILLING GOBLINS!!! and GeT ReKT or die….

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Main Characters Of Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

“The Imagination is a weapon. Those who don’t use it die first.” – Goblin Slayer

Much of the screen time is given to our MC, Goblin Slayer. For him being the protagonist, as the story starts hitting the acceleration, the backstory of Goblin Slayer is shown, what his life like, what made him hate the Goblins so much, and how cruel the story eventually gets. It is shown that Goblin Slayer slays goblins just for revenge and hunger for their deaths.

Unlike Batman, Goblin Slayer doesn’t break bones and scare his foes psychologically but go straight for the murder ( which is even darker than DC? XD ). Our MC doesn’t tend to have a big vocabulary, mainly sticking to phrases such “I see“, “That’s right“, “Is that right? “, “Yes, that’s right“ and the legendary: “Are there any goblins?“. We only get to see the luxury of him speaking, when he is planning for a battle or is inside a battle.

He is a silver ranked adventurer that slays only goblins because he doesn’t know how else he can cope with the fact that his sister is dead and that he needs to move on from it. His mind is so mentally broken that he’s processing emotions and social interactions at the same level a person with high-functioning autism might have. Goblin Slayer is killing goblins for himself because of the trauma he witnessed happen to his sister, which has given him an obsessive directive to carry out: exterminate all goblins and protect women from them because that’s what his sister told him.

Surprisingly enough, even after having autism, Goblin Slayer has a great sense of knowledge and always welcomes it wholeheartedly ( Even though he doesn’t have a heart ). He is the perfect epitome of the quote: “ He who thinks like the enemy shall always prevail “. Goblin Slayer knows rather everything about the goblins and is a great battle tactation especially if it’s a battle with the goblins. He has strong willpower, which he got passed out from his master.  He is just an above average adventurer when it comes to a normal battle but his awareness of battle tactics and knowledge about the world helps him turn out in the top against the Goblins. He is also super cautious about the environment around him and always has an armor on.

It’s an anime without fear of taking risks and knows what it wants to be. I do recommend.


Priestess is shown to be very kind, young and a very helpful character. She is a beautiful young lady with blonde hair and is usually seen wearing a white robe. She is shown to be very frail and fragile by the people around her and is very prone in shedding tears and sometimes red-faced when troubled usually when Goblin Slayer is around.

Her being a pacifist makes triggers her emotions to such an extent in extreme situations that she loses track of herself future more shedding tears. Much like her first adventure with where she got terrorized by her emotions to such an extent that she was about to get killed or worse…

She during battles has a sounding staff – to cast her various miracles, a chainmail armor and a sling which she isn’t that good at using.

High Elf Archer

” Ignorance is bliss, for learning is the highest joy.” – High Elf Archer

High Elf Archer is a silver ranked travel companion of Goblin Slayer. She is about 2000 years, considered a young girl by elven ( Creatures ) standards. She is an immortal being, by that I mean she cannot be killed by a natural cause and doesn’t age. But can be killed if badly injured.

Even after being over 2000 human years, she still acts like a child and is very unknown to how dark the outside world would be. This could be seen when she, Goblin Slayer and other companions go to the goblin nest to hunt for Goblins. Goblin Slayer brutally kills every other goblin with every painful way possible – from fire to poison, to even slashing their heads off and beating them to there deaths. By the end of this affair, she was soaked in goblin blood and sported dull eyes full of unhappiness.

It has been hinted that high elf archer has always been living a closed and sheltered life within Elven territory unknown to the outside world.

Fun Fact: She Has A Low Tolerance To Alcohol.

Dwarf Shaman

True to its name Dwarf Shaman is quite small. But has a great strong physique with a white long beard. He usually carries a lot of wine with him inside a wine gourd. And considers it a great weapon: The Wine! He is usually very cheerful and happy and is always arguing with the high elf archer. Being more mature of the two, he always gives up against the elf only to start teasing her again.

Dwarf Shaman is an adventurer so that he could find some exotic tastes that could accompany his fine wine. He is well versed in miracles and is a silver ranked Adventurer. Also, he uses a sling to fight in tough situations with proficiency when conserving spells.

Lizard Priest

Lizard Priest is an anthropomorphic lizard with green skin and horns on his head. His intimidating visage and towering stature make him come off as unnerving, even to his friends. He has what appears to be white marks across his cheek. He wears what is presumed to be the traditional garb among priests in his people that resembles a traditional Native American clothing with a chest guard.

Most of the time, Lizard Priest carries himself in a calm and composed demeanor, often speaking to others politely and addressing all in a respectful manner. He cares deeply of nature due to the tenets of his religion. In the light of recent events, he is now extremely enamored with the taste of cheese or “nectar”, which he finds extremely exotic as his people do not practice the art of raising livestock.

He appears to be the most soft-spoken, even-tempered, and sociable member of the party.


Goblin Slayer is not for everyone! Hell it’s not even for most people. This show contains everything that you might not like — from rape, child murder and honour killings. It’s full of them.

A great manga adaptation. It’s a show like Game Of Thrones, Fullmetal Alchemist which highlights the dark side of the world while shows like Your Lie In April, KonoSuba, Simpsons highlights the beautiful side of the world. It is NOT recommended if you have a moist heart cause this anime can break such a heart rather too easily.

The appeal of Goblin Slayer was that it portrayed a very realistic “what if” JRPG world as it is in a real life scenario. The show is as realistic as we could expect from many fantasy animes.

Unlike most animes, the Goblin Slayer anime is nothing about friendship, love, super strong protagonist or “ defeat the main villain “ type of a show. The artistry and animation are top notch and doesn’t have much high res fights or characters having super powers and powers boosts. It is a take down to what a realistic adventure would look like.

It is well recommend to anyone who likes animes like sword art online and no game, no life, Although GS is far darker than these two anime but have a same “ in game “ setting. And with that being said, It not that BLOODY either. Animes such as Berserk and Drifters are far worse. It’s a well recommended anime for those who like animes made out of a stone.

It’s Definitely an anime you’d like to smash at-least once in your lifetime.

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