One Punch Man Season 2 : Smash Or Pass?

Who can forget the amazing anime series One Punch Man that the studio Madhouse dropped in the anime fandom? Last time something like this dropped, Japan choose democracy ( kidding ). Arguably, the most anticipated anime of Spring 2019. Or should I say the most anticipated anime of 2019?

Every anime fan was already feeling the heat of this anime, when the official trailer dropped in 2018. Ever since then : It’s all Wanpanman, putting fan favourite anime Boku No Hero to shame.

Although we can always read the manga, here are the 5 things you should know about the One Punch Man season 2 anime

#5. Studios Change

It is well known throughout the anime fanbase that Madhouse is by far one of the best. Probably even the best when it comes to epic stories and fights. And they always live up to that reputation. From the likes of the everbearing Hunter X Hunter to the cat and mouse game of Deathnote and such is the case with One Punch Man. Madhouse always offers every story with its very own different look and doesn’t stick to one genre. All the battles were full of energy, artistic beauty and the animation was top notch. They’ve made too many classics to not love!

As we all know, now the rights are brought by a different studio i.e. JC Stuff. J.C. Staff is known for its work on series like Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? and the Slayers series. After the preview 2 of the anime, it’s clear to us that one punch man is going to get a quality degrade.

Note that this is just a presumption. For we all know JC stuff is not primary for the type of genre OPM is.

#4. Dubbed And Subbed

Dubbed version of the anime won’t be a problem after the recent success of its predecessor all over the world. We might not have to wait half ass of a week or two for the dubbed versions. And for those who watch through subs, Its gotta be great for the studio knows how a big market One Punch Man is riding on now. I personally am sure that the vocals are going to be good and the dubs/subs won’t disappoint us. Also after being a big OPM manga fan, I don’t see any reason for the producers to censor dialogues from the dubbed version of the anime unlike many animes.

#3. Characters

One Punch Man Season 2 promises a lot of new awesome characters! From the blizzard of hell to the almighty King Himself : The strongest person alive. But the king has a catch, to find out you’d have to wait for this winter 😉 Spoiling ain’t no fun. A great series of action is promised this season too. Also none of the old characters will be left out. Our fan favourite Genos with his mentor Saitama are going to have a hell of a ride this season. With Saitama facing new promotion challenges while on the other hand some baddesley monsters are having a ride for the heads of the common people. Saitama makes up his own hero group consisting a group of highly skilled heroes and play video games.

#2. Antagonists?

This season we expect a great band of different super villains. It’s especially the beginning of the “ Hero Hunt “ and the Monster Association, much similar to the Hero Association. The monsters have gathered up and has made one single organization to get over the heroes. While on the other hand Garou a super badass antagonists who aims to be a monster and get rid of all the heroes.

It is also revealed that Gaarou was a student of Dash ( the S class hero who specialises in dojo ) and even was the best student that Dash ever produced. But got kicked out of the doji for him going into a rampage. It is well told in the manga that he is a great admirer of Villains and has a great deal of hatred towards the heroes. The Monster Association thinks Garou is trouble as he might possibly break the organization. By the way, If there were something called as the perfect villain, then Garou is what you’d get!

While the Monster Association consist around 500 monsters. From them near about 30 of them are disaster level monsters or above. This association was formed by the belief that if monsters continue to fight in pieces they will perish and if they fight all together they would finally be able to defeat even the earth’s mightiest hero. They had the ideology of the world being ruled by Monsters and not humans. Resulting in a great battle between the heroes and the villains.  

#1. Release Date

So, What Happened In Season 1? ( Spoilers for those who haven’t watched season 1 )

The story of Saitama, a hero that does it just for fun & can defeat his enemies with a single punch.

One Punch Man is a story about a guy who became a hero just for fun. Who can defeat enemies with a single punch. Yes, a single punch. Pretty lame, right? No. In a world of superhuman beings, our Saitama is a unique hero. But being the only creature as strong as himself makes – his life rather too dull and uninteresting

As he doesn’t get the adrenaline and thrill of fighting any battle due to his superpower, he finds his overall hero life very meaningless. He even had to lose his hair to reach the state he is in now. Even after hundreds tough days of training, no one even knows a hero like this exists. And no one respects how powerful a person he really is….

This makes him question: Maybe all of my rigorous training to become strong wasn’t worth it. After all, what’s so good about having an overwhelming power – if the fight gets over even before it starts?!!

Due to such provoking thoughts, Saitama is always in search of opponents who can challenge him and are as powerful as him.

These are the adventures of an average yet extraordinary superhero.

it must be remembered that there’s less than 10 characters, in a series with more than 300 characters, who could take a Normal Punch from Saitama and not be near dead / dead.

What To Expect In Season 2?

Season 2 promises high voltage action as usual and also seems to have a lot of gags in it. Saitama is still bald ( Not that I am complaining XD ). Other major and supporting characters won’t stop surprising us. There are a lot of spices and ingredients One Punch Man Season 2 has to offer, probably even more than its predecessor. Only if the studio does it right and not ruin it.

The arc that would be covered is quite intriguing and promises great detail. It even introduces a my hero academia : stain-like-character. The new characters have a great part in the story and unlike the past season there would be a lot more stories revolving at the same time period. The season probably won’t be stuck around Saitama but also revolve around a lot other factors.

Contrary to most mainstream animes, One Punch Man S2 will be for all age groups. As it has everything to keep fans of all cultures and ages to get hooked with the anime. The gags will be as fresh as ever and will see much more development between a lot of characters.

Saitama will continue to go above and above in the hero rankings.

One-Punch Man, the anime and manga series about Earth’s strongest hero who can defeat his enemies in just one punch, is finally ready to return with a second season of the anime — more than 3 years after its first debuted.

One-Punch Man follows the heroic adventures of Saitama, who was once a normal regular person, but after training for 3 continuous years became the strongest superhero on the planet. Originally positioned as a simple parody of other Shonen manga series, like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, it quickly became clear that the series was as interesting as any other Shonen, despite the fact that each battle only lasted until Saitama threw his first punch.

The series, written and illustrated by someone who simply calls themselves One, started out as a self-published web comic. Thanks to its overwhelming popularity, however, it was quickly picked up by Jump, given a professional artist and published as a part of the company’s Young Jump Web Comics site in Japan. The official English version of the series is licensed by Viz Media, which publishes the series in its Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine.

In 2015, the first season of the One-Punch Man anime debuted to critical and cultural success, one of the best anime seasons of all time. With all this acclaim a second season seemed sure to follow, but production was delayed for some unknown reasons. After the production stalled for nearly two years, it was announced that Madhouse, the acclaimed studio behind the first season, and series like Death Note and movies like Paprika and Perfect Blue, would not be working on the second season of the anime.

Instead animation for the second season is being handled by J.C. Staff, a studio best known for Food Wars! and Toradora! Meanwhile, direction of season two will be overseen by Chikara Sakurai, who has previously worked on several of the Naruto: Shippuuden movies. The trailer for One-Punch Man’s second season is light on story details, but promises the return of the first season’s main characters and teases the introduction of a new villain, Garou who is known as Earth’s strongest fighter and was briefly mentioned near the end of season one.

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