The time I got reincarnated as a slime : Smash Or Pass?

The time I got reincarnated as a slime is about Satoru Mikari a typical lonely thirty-seven-year-old Japanese dude. He’s bored with his life and battered by a dead end job. He regrets not having a girlfriend even after trying so hard! But much of his sad little life changes when he dies at the hands of a random stalker while trying to save a colleague. The last words of our soon-to-be-slime were –

“ Take the hard drive out of my computer at home, Put it in bath and make sure it’s completely wiped ”  – Satoru Mikari.

Rip ;-;  legend!

The Beginning

After those last words of Satoru Mikari, there was a birth of a certain nameless blue slime in a completely different fantasy world. The whole thing happens in just the first five minutes of the anime! Such a quick plot twist had me totally hooked to this Slime Anime. And that’s what makes “The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime” so different. The show is fairly light hearted and doesn’t take itself seriously at all. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand this show and has next-to-nothing as a “deep plot” .

The Slime Anime has the same usual start like all other Isekai animes : A Bored Dude < Doesn’t Have A Girlfriend < Virgin < Transported To An Another World. Unlike other OP characters the MC is just a faceless slime. The dude wasn’t even an anime weeb! If there were a “That One Anime That Makes Me Laugh Hard” award every season then this anime could have taken it all. It’s mind blowingly funny!


After his short and sweet death, he wakes up in a unrealistic cave only to realise he isn’t human anymore. He’s the Slime! That is when he starts exploring the cave with the help of The Great Sage ( A computer residing in his mind ) and discovers a lot new things. And that’s what results in a solid comedy!

He learns a lot of new skills and unlike his past self we get to see a complete alter ego of a 37 year old NEET. The Slime after hours and hours of exploration learns a lot of new skills. He even runs into a dragon – The Storm Dragon Veldora sealed in the cave centuries ego.

After a few minutes of “Bromance” and a dual “Naming Ceremony”, the Slime is now named  “Rimuru Temest” ( Named by the dragon ) and the dragon ( Veldora Temest named by Rimuru ) becomes friends. Rimuru promises Veldora of breaking the seal and give him freedom after centuries of loneliness. In a surprise move, Rimuru uses the Predator skill and swallows him inside to analyze the body. After having such a powerful figure inside his body, Rimuru learns a lot of new skills and has many power boosts. Much after that, he swallows a ton of other creatures learning more skills.

As he gets out of the cave he meets a couple of Goblins asking Rimuru for help against a pack of Direwolves. While working hand-by-hand with the Goblins, Rimuru kills the leader and forces them to give up.

After that Rimuru brokers peace between the Direwolves and Goblins work together and live in harmony. As the world around Rimuru builds up, we now find him forming a nation where monsters and humans can live together peacefully. Many new members and species are introduced to that nation in a roller coaster series of adventures. It really keeps you at the edge of your seat!!


Both animation and art are great considering the budget in the making of this Slime anime. After all 8bit has always delivered awesome animation and art to anime fans. The animation is top notch and has been made with excruciatingly details. Every tiny detail, no matter how small seems real.

The fight scenes are crafted amazingly. The art is mesmerizing with many bright and different colour schemes that add to the story. The art spreads the happiness of Rimuru Temest in his new fantasy world. The opening theme is really appealing to the audience too. As for the story animation, nothing seemed rushed about it. I really can’t seem to fault them anywhere! It’s out and out one of the most beautiful animes I have seen recently.

It can clearly be seen that the creators have paid full detail to every landscapes. And all the characters have been made with a lot of thoughts. The kingdom of the the dwarfs, the cave, the dragon, the supporting characters -all have unique characters design. You can clearly differentiate between the character designs because the drawing is so exquisite. Not at all cloned or copied!  The expressions, especially in the beginning were funny particularly of Rimuru. The rich colour scheme of the anime will keep you hooked.

Simply, just one of the great components that flourish the qualities of the manga-translated adaptation to its best.


There are a LOT of characters introduced in the story. Belonging to many different species  – Dwarfs, Humans, Ogres, Lizardmens, Dragons and many other creatures. And 8bit did it all perfectly when it comes to character development especially those of the Ogres, and the Goblins. Although, in midst of so many characters and the chaos it created, many were left out – like the Direwolves.

The MC Rimuru is the lowest creature on the rungs. As a slime, in the “Creature Rankings” he is lowly and pathetic. Many of the new creatures see him as inferior, only to get surprised by the incredible amount of strength and powers our low-key Slime shows.

There are many individual character development arcs of creatures like the Gobta of the Goblins, Kaijin and Vesta of the Dwarfs, Shizu of the Humans, and Shion of the Ogres. In fact, the Shizu of the Humans is an ex-Japanese, whose origin story is worth exploring.

Nothing seemed shallow in the character development. By using one or more characters of every species, 8bit gave us an outline of what every creature is like.


I’m just gonna take this straight up: Where in the world will you get SO MUCH reveal just by looking at the OP and ED? It’s like we only started and we already know what characters are gonna introduced in the future breaking all the hype. Besides that, people were expressing a bit over concerns that both the songs for the OP and ED being average, but if swapped around. I really thought that the OP was great for starters on the series itself, and TRUE’s ED was leaps better, but really worked well as the ED. Regardless, this was a top-notch OST. However they are rather forgettable but they all give that ~fantasy world~ charm that is necessary to have and was done very well.

The voice acting was great too and was able to convey the feelings of the characters to the audience. The English dubbing was average, nothing too great. I recommend the subbed version!


This anime is not for everyone. You either like it or you hate it. If you are a dark, action type anime fan then – The time I got reincarnated as a slime would disappoint you wholeheartedly. The plot is not deep and is just their like every other isekai animes. The anime has that one charm that might make you hooked to it and you would eagerly wait for that next episode. It full of charming vivid colours just like the story and the characters itself.

Everyone seems happy at most of the times. Due to a lackluster plot and not enough indulgent into other characters besides the slime, this anime loses some petty points but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of those boring gay ass animes and is one of the most entertaining shows of the fall 2018 season! Honestly, I should probably lower the score to a 7 or so but I can’t do that simply for my enjoyment factor and how awesome that adorable lil’ slime is!

He really makes you root for him!

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